Kauai Leopard

Beautiful camouflage tiger hiding in the lush jungle of leaves and tropical flowers. Fun pink and green colors are used to create a tropical and unique look. (lion, animal, mane, …

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Nightfall Tiger

Beautiful camouflage tiger hiding in the lush jungle leaves and tropical flowers. Set in a night scene with midnight sky and starry backdrop. The two-tone design captures the day and …

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Garden Utopia

Colourful, leaves are designed to create a lioness face emerging from the tropical jungle. (lion, animal, mane, animal head, majestic, courage, mythology, leaf, green, organic, eco, concept, design, foliage, natural, …

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Sleek, abstract female lioness lion created with various shapes and lines to create the impression of the lion’s face. Shades of colors are used to accentuate the lioness’s face and …

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Leo Guard

Strong, bold and masculine shield logo design. The shield design is created and combined with a fierce open mouth leopard lion. On the top of the shield/leopard design is a …

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