Mr Green Lawn And Garden

Vintage eco friendly green farmers pickup truck. We incorporated growing leaves into the vintage pickup truck. Logo is perfect for construction, landscaping, lawn care etc. (mr green, green, eco, eco …


Lion Breeze Landscaping

Elegant and sophisticated lion face logo design featuring the front view of a lion’s face and mane. The Lion’s mane is blowing in the breeze with Stylized leaves flowing and …


Green Buffalo

Bold and strong logo design featuring a buffalo’s face/head with the buffalo’s fur/hair designed to look like blades of green growing grass. (grass, grow, green, eco, concept, ecology, eco friendly, …


Lion Turf Lawn Care

Bold and strong logo design featuring a lion’s face with the lion’s mane designed to look like blades of green growing grass. Standout from other lawn care service providers with …

Logo Sold

Blue Rose Tree

Elegant, whimsical and sophisticated rose tree with the canopy of the tree blooming with blue roses. Rose pedals are blowing from the tree to add movement and detail to this …


Courtyard Tree Advisors

Simple branch tree desing growing in the centre of a courtyard square. (courtyard, tree, seasons, branch, nature, garden, estate, landscape, classy, modern, financial, consulting, bare, environmental, grown, life, growth, leafless, …


Tropical Island Vacation

Beautiful calm and relaxing logo of a tropical Island. A tropical flower is created within the white space. (tahiti, island, beach, mountain, honeymoon, travel, bora bora, destination, tropical, view, accommodation, …

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Amaryllis Garden

Beautiful stylized amaryllis flowers grow in this garden design with a gardener’s hand spade. (gardening, garden, gardener, tools, spade, yard, shovel, soil, broom, flowers, plant, agriculture, green, amaryllis, silhouette butterfly, …


Garden Real Estate

Flowing shapes and leaves create the impression of a luxury house in the white space. (apartment, estate, building, architecture, home, house, exterior, cottage, leaves, vines, garden, window, entrance, flourish, leaves, …

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