Colossal Dragon

Ancient Chinese mythical dragon creature logo design. The body of the dragon is designed in a curving design, which is coloured in bright and vibrant golden and red shades. (dragon, …

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Little Ninja

Illustrative logo design of a unique little ninja character/mascot dressed in ninja gear. (ninja, black, samurai, japan, cartoon, fight, karate, boy, culture, martial, ninjutsu, traditional, asia, figure, combat, poison, costume, …

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Eight Dragon Medallion

Bold, strong and powerful dragon designed to create a circle style medallion. The Dragon’s body creates an eight shape. (dragon, ancient, asian, oriental, red, power, fantasy, design, art, creature, monster, …

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Stylized, abstract representation of a dragon. (dragon, tattoo, black, symbol, asia, ancient, asian, oriental, serenity, chinese, green, power, fantasy, art, symbolic, animal, china, strong, powerful, fly, flying, mythology, zodiac, mythical, …

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