Real Estate Central

Fun and hip real estate logo design. Commercial and residential buildings are created with geometrical 3D shapes and arranged in a circular design. Each segment of the circular design is …


Community Tree

Fun and imaginative logo design, that transforms a simple tree into something different. The top of the tree is transformed into several colorful homes placed together in a community/neighbourhood. This …


Organic Home Flower

Beautiful elegant logo design that uniquely combines a blooming flower and home concept. The home is created with in the white space of the flower. (house, home, real estate, condo, …


First Home Tree

Beautiful logo design, of a rustic tree trunk with a colorful home resting on top of the tree trunk. The tree trunk creates a resting spot for this cute little …


Tulip Town

Stylized houses designed to look like growing tulip flowers with homes hidden in the white space between the flowers (house, home, real estate, condo, apartments, real estate, agency, town home, …


My Agent Real Estate

Stylized houses and apartments come together to create this fun and bright design (house, home, real estate, condo, apartments, real estate agency, town home, ville, city, city scape, neighbourhood, chimney, …


Key Fly Butterfly

Florishing design of a skeleton key. The top of the key is designed to resemble a butterfly. (key, lock, open, door, opener, padlock, victorian, passkey, decoration, secure, steel, ornament, privacy, …


Tree Top Homes

Stylized tree branches creates the imprecation of rows of homes. (house, home, real estate, condo, apartments, real estate agency, town home, ville, city, cityscape, neighborhood, chimney, design, hill, community, dwelling, …


Dandelion Key

Simple modern dandelion Key. (key, lock, door, gate, open, opener, unlocking, secure, privacy, household, security, shape, protection, secured, classic, house, antique, access, real estate, home, realtor, agent) Created: 11/11/2014