Sweet Life Tree

Unique, modern and elegant tree logo design that uniquely combines several different imageries into one design. In this logo a beautiful stylized tree and tree roots are depicted within the …


Antiques and Objects

Simple stylized retro style clock design with soft simple lines and curves. (analog, analogue, ancient, antique, clock, decorative, elegant, furniture, history, home, hour, minute, object, ornate, retro, time, timepiece, vintage, …


Abstract Hourglass

Bold modern design of an abstract geometrical hourglass. (timer, time, glass, sand time, bold, media, marketing, measure, hour, multimedia, web 2.0, creative, online, web development, geometrical, branding, hourglass, abstract, multimedia) …

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Sand Time Hourglass

Simple, clean and modern design of an hourglass designed to also look like the letter s. (hourglass, sand, clock, hour, glass, timer, watch, sandglass, time, stopwatch, sandclock, sand clock, trickle, …

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