Direct Pay

Modern data technology and interface logo design with white arrows created within the white space of the abstract shapes . Bright pink, purple and teal green are used. (framework, abstract, …

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Modern geometrical line drawn logo design featuring an abstract continuous line design that creates this interconnecting overlapping box design. The design represents data flow, connectivity, communication and technology. (framework, geometry, …

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Open Data

Modern data technology and interface logo design with rounded edge triangles placed together to create a circular “O” shaped design. Connecting lines intersect through the triangular pattern to represent data …

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Linked Server

Clean, modern & abstract logo design representing connectivity, technology and linkage. Dots of different sizes are designed to create two panels that connect together (network, connection, connect, connectivity, line, dot, …

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Crocodile Media

Bold red alligator/crocodile with the tail designed with a wi-fi signal to represent digital wireless communications. (gator, jaw, alligator, power, sign, symbol, head, carnivore, predator, crocodile, zoo, silhouette, wild, nature, …

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