Island Lighthouse

Unique palm tree and lighthouse logo design that beautifully combines a stylized palm tree with a lighthouse design. The rays of the lighthouse are represented with the palm leaves and …


Spotter Cow

Funky, silly and modern cow mascot search logo that’s uniquely combined with a search pointer icon. The cow’s body is created with the search pointer shape. The bold and distinctive …

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Urbanite Maps

Bold and clean logo displaying the arial view of city streets with different sections representing land plots. The white dividing lines represent the roads and streets. This logo is designed …


Shoal Lights

Whimsical seaside lighthouse logo design. The layers of the background and triangle shape are created with layers that represent the ocean waves in the foreground with the additional layers creating …

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Zigzag Publishing

Bold and colorful letterform Z logo that’s created with four colourful shapes. The design is an abstract representation of books and pages, designed in the shape the letter Z. The …


Lighthouse Window View

Simple design of a window, the window frame is designed to resemble a lighthouse within the window shape. (beacon, light, nautical, beam, search, navigate, coast, illuminative, clear, shore, light, seaside, …


Intelligence Eye

Single line creates a pathway/maze designed to resemble a eye shape. (vision, success, human, innovation, solving, labyrinth, guide, visualize, technology, mind, brain, management, guidance, solve, strategy, maze, solutions, aspirations, direction, …


Heartland Lighthouse

Soft, peaceful and beautiful lighthouse with the base of the lighthouse surrounded by flourishing waves designed to look like growing vines and flowers. (beacon, ocean, tower, light, beam, water, coast, …


Guidance Compass Sun

Bold, modern & abstract design of a compass and sun combined together. The design is created with geometrical shapes with directional arrows contained within the white space. (compass, gold, star, …

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