Nerd Data Stream

Nerd glasses created with data line and circuits that connect together to form this tech style logo design. (circuit, pattern, processor, tech, abstract, chip, card, high, technical, computer part, engineering, …

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Vintage Nerd

Old fashion, vintage style logo design of a pair of vintage style nerd eye glasses and a bow tie. (glasses, nerd, eye, geek, black, vision, specs, sunglasses, view, spectacles, old, …


Raccoon Nerd Learning

Cute rendering of a racoon curled up and siting on a book. (racoon, animal, wild, cute, baby, reading, education, books, knowledge, school, tutoring, smart, nerd, leaves, furry, friendly, adorable, kids, …

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Vintage Bike Nerd

Modern, sleek and vintage style design of a vintage bicycle created to look like a nerd’s eyeglasses. The hill under the bike is created in a curve to also create …