Button Mushroom

Cute mushroom design with growing leaves and flowers. (mushroom, button mushroom, forest, illustration, toadstool, leaves, growing, cute, art ) Created: 04/14/2022


Oak & Ivy Holistic Tree

Elegant and classy twirling vine tree logo with the trunk of the tree curling like a beautiful vine with oak-style leaves. The curving design creates an elegant bonsai-style tree. The …


Asiantic Bear

Strong bold black bear roaring logo design featuring a bear roaring with it’s mouth open mountains are also incorporated into the bears face. (animal, bear, brown, mascot, design, face, forest, …


Ashtanga Yoga

A beautiful yoga woman figure encompassed in a circular shape tree with the branching reaching out to form a circle. Hand drawn design creates a natural rustic style design. Circle …


Whimsical Leafy Canopy Tree – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – The design features our hand-drawn flourishing tree illustration in deep navy blue to create a bold, modern and trendy look. Detailed leafs artfully arranged to create an …

From $35.00

Door Tree Real Estate – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Elegant floral blooming treehouse non-exclusive logo design. We’ve designed this beautiful tree logo with a door designed within the trunk of the tree. Elegant leaf details create …

From $35.00

The Willow Tree Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Rustic willow tree logo design featuring our hand-drawn style pen and link willow tree artwork. Rustic stylized ink textures create the impression of the willow tree leaf foliage to …

From $35.00

Black Bear Woodworking Shop

Strong bold black bear logo design featuring the front view of a black bear’s face. Contained and designed within the shape of the bear’s head is a forest scenic landscape …


Lady And The Rose Spa

Beautiful women created with flowing tree branches, leaves, and flowers are growing and blooming. Her hair and face are represented by growing branches. Soft, elegant, and natural with leaves and …