Moola Payments

Modern and bold cow character mascot logo design with a dollar sign placed behind one of the cow’s eyes to represent money or moola. The dollar sign can also be …


Chimp POS

Point of Sales logo that uniquely combines a monkey’s face with a point of sales receipt that’s being printed out from the mouth of the monkey. Digital pixels extend from …


Transact POS

Smart phone device/tablet with a printing recipe emerging from the tablet. The design represents smart technology solutions used for point of sales. (pos, nfs, near field communications, payment, point, sales, …

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Whoo Rank

Cute friendly illustrative logo design of an owl holding a graph chart. (owl, books, student, school, map, success, presentation, template, data, creative, illustration, chart, research, smart, education, information, financial, communication, …

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Simple and clean logo design of a stylized “THUMB UP” concept. (thumb, ok, like, hand, finger, good, accept, fist, nice, network, concept, arm, thumbs up, pointer, agree, friend, add, contact, …


Siberian Tiger Heraldry

Strong, stylized rendering of Siberian Tiger Heraldry standing up on its hind legs (lion, vector, head, king, mascot, brand, royal, corporate, animal, aggression, beast, majestic, courage, old, mythology, africa, shape, …