Rapid Solutions

Strong, stylized and energetic leaping blue rabbit to impart the idea of speed, agility and quickness of response time for any type of business or service. (rabbit, hare, mammal, tail, …


Australia Outback

Prestigious, upscale and modern design of an elegant and strong kangaroo profile. Simple curving lines create this abstract interpretation of the profile of a kangaroo. The kangaroo is divided into …


Kango Kangaroo

Powerful and dynamic logo design of a jumping kangaroo. The design is clean and modern with the colored lines creating a speeding motion which also help to further imply the …


Volt Fitness

Modern, abstract and bold design. (speed, power, powerful, thunder, shield, electricity, symbol, flash, fast, thunderbolt, arrow, sign, graphic, element, design, electric, secure, club, concept, modern, energy, lightning, electronic, art, force, …

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Victor Sports & Fitness

Modern, abstract and bold design representing speed, motion and power. (speed, power, powerful, thunder, shield, electricity, flash, fast, thunderbolt, arrow, electric, modern, energy, lightning, electronic, force, volt, voltage, letter v, …

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CrossFit Kettle Bell

Stylized fitness figures are design flow around the kettle bell. (weight, exercise, fitness, cardio, hit, strength training, endurance, lifting, balance, gym, sports, strength, pump, muscles, power, figures, athletic, training, flexing, …


Fit Track Fitness

Modern, bright and abstract design of a running figure constructed from lines (run, runner, marathon, wellness, training, jogger, track, sport, outdoor, leisure, endurance, activity, sporty, race, workout, fit, active, well-being, …

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