Dearly Couture Love

Two Beautiful deer renderings of come together to create the outline of a heart in the white space. A royal crown is added above the heart. (reindeer, deer, holiday, love, …


Turnkey Luxury Homes

Luxurious and fancy key design that incorporates a crown. (key, gate, door, open, shape, ornament, metal, classic, secure, household, house, home, antique, vintage, unlock, luxurious, luxury, home, real estate, crown, …

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Pineapple Spa

Fresh, abstract and modern interpretation of a pineapple. (pineapple, fresh, sweet, spa, hotel, modern, whimsical, fancy, majestic, luxury, royal, fancy, regal, crown, fruit, tropical, sophisticated, upscale) Created: 03/21/2015


Kingly Lion Estates

Regal, modern and sophisticated logo design of lion wearing a crown with a home image contained within the white space of the lion’s body. (lion, royal, emblem, animal, symbol, decoration, …

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Plume Peacock

Elegant and fancy peacock design with the body of the peacock resented with a single feather. (feather, peacock, art, bird, stylized, luxury, creative, illustration, feminine, crown, royal, decoration, pattern, peahen, …


Castle Stone Real Estate

Moden and clean logo that uses various shaped stones to create the impression of a castle/home that is in the shape of a shield. (stone, stoned, wall, gate, window, ruin, …

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Modern and elegant design interpretation of a pomegranate. Cross section with a beautiful floral pattern contained within the center. (food, vegetarian, ripe, natural, delicious, agriculture, sweet, red, diet, organic, leaf, …


Hawk King

Clean, simple and modern design of a hawk or eagle bird. The bird is designed with clean lines with the bird wearing a crown. (falcon, bird, head, national, hawk, eagle, …

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