Pine Woods Home

Sophisticated professional and Modern logo design that combines a pine tree and a residential home together to create this compact logo design. Simple lines are used to create the impression …

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Tree Space House

Fresh, clean and modern design of a tree designed within a cube/square shape. (tree, gardening, garden, leaf, branch, environmental, stylized, decoration, square, ecology, nature, environment, landscape, house, home, simple, real …


Organic Home Flower

Beautiful elegant logo design that uniquely combines a blooming flower and home concept. The home is created with in the white space of the flower. (house, home, real estate, condo, …


Green Home Living

Beautiful home situated on top of a hill over looking the community below. Eco-friendly green home with natural leaves emerging from the chimney to represent clean natural energy. (home, green, …


Secret Garden Homes

Beautiful floral bushes and growing flowers on vines create the outline and the impression of a country cottage home/cabin. (floral, Chinese, antique, pattern, interior designer, perfume, decor, traditional, classic, fragrance, …


Shanty Winery

Illustrative logo design featuring an old country house resting in a natural environmental setting. (England, home, british, exterior, destination, stone, dwelling, cottage, garden, european, holiday, b and b, bed & …


Pebble tree

This is a unique landscape logo design featuring a distinctive tree design with the top tree canopy designed with rock/pebble shapes. A rolling stream/river and abstract sun ray elements complete …


Cobble Stone Estates

Stone pattern wall created in the design of a home design. (cobble stone, brick, wall, arch, door, real estate, arch, estate, winery, cottage, cabin, vintage, rocks, stones, wall, entrance, windows, …

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Garden Real Estate

Flowing shapes and leaves create the impression of a luxury house in the white space. (apartment, estate, building, architecture, home, house, exterior, cottage, leaves, vines, garden, window, entrance, flourish, leaves, …

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