Gentle Touch Women

Beautiful woman figure is with her arms reaching upwards. Her hand are holing a heart with bursting leaves surrounding her. (attractive, beautician, beautiful, beauty, coiffure, elegant, female, feminine, girl, glamorous, …


Sun Goddess

Logo that incorporates the flavour and style of a greek inspired pattern to create a sun. The sun design is also designed to create a women’s face (sun, abstract, stylized, …

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Swan Caring

Beautiful stylized mother swan caring for her baby. (swan, care, health, spa, modern, creative, beauty, cosmetics, delicate, healthcare, tranquil, lovely, water, swimming, reflection, purity, elegant, graceful, calm, scenic, love, lovely, …

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Julia Maesa

Prestigious, upscale and modern design that uses simple curving lines to create this beautiful feminine woman in a compact circular design. (elegant, Victorian, Greek, goddess, regal, royal, stunning, beauty, woman, …