Donut Coffee House

Sweet delicious donut with a coffee cup. The top of the coffee cup is designed to look like a delicious glazed donut. (bake, bakery, breakfast, cake, chocolate, delicious, donut, eat, …


African Coffee Cafe

African women dressed in traditional tribal wear with her hand holding a coffee cup on top of her head. (african, tribal, africa, ancient, native, head, ornament, red, culture, african braids, …

Logo Sold

Zebra Cafe

Modern stylized interpretation of a zebra head. (zebra, head, animal, zoo, mammal, black, Africa, stripes, wild, jungle, nature, safari, coffee, leaves, modern, artistic, stylized, horse, wildlife, conservation) Created: 06/11/2014


Rose Blossom Cafe

Beautiful rose blossom flower combined with a tea cup. The top of the tea cup is designed to look like a beautiful blossoming rose. (rose, pink, floral, flower, love, botanical, …


Country Cafe

Cafe cup designed to look like a picket fence with the handle created with a growing vine. (garden, suburban, rural, inclosure, property, peasant, environmental, fence, country, scene, field, grass, land, …


Aroma Cafe Shop

Bold & abstract interpretation of a hot beverage steam. The concept of different aromas are represented by the three different bold colors that make up the steam swirls. (swirl, colorful, …