Coastline Water

Coastal water waves create an infinity looping design. The ocean waves are clean, simple and modern with an elegant sophisticated style. (wave, sea, water, blue, splash, ocean, stylized, nautical, curly, …

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Abstract Liquid Chat

Modern 3D stylized chat bubble design. (3D, clear, glass, transparent, chatting, chat, icon, talk, speech, speak, ,app, balloon, cloud, think, message, bubble, communication, blue) Created: 12/12/2011

Logo Sold

Lighthouse Window View

Simple design of a window, the window frame is designed to resemble a lighthouse within the window shape. (beacon, light, nautical, beam, search, navigate, coast, illuminative, clear, shore, light, seaside, …


Glacial Penguin

Elegant, stylized and modern logo of a penguin bird designed in front of a block of ice. (penguin, animal, ice, snow, frozen, cold, bird, season, modern, illustration, climate, winter, beauty, …