Whoo Rank

Cute friendly illustrative logo design of an owl holding a graph chart. (owl, books, student, school, map, success, presentation, template, data, creative, illustration, chart, research, smart, education, information, financial, communication, …

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Stock Rates

Clean, modern and bright design with different coloured lines of different length to represent a bar chart and dat analyzing The design also creates the impression of the letter “S”. …


Fit Track Fitness

Modern, bright and abstract design of a running figure constructed from lines (run, runner, marathon, wellness, training, jogger, track, sport, outdoor, leisure, endurance, activity, sporty, race, workout, fit, active, well-being, …

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Mind Motion

Modern, bold and vibrant logo design of a person’s head with the top portion of the head representing with different sized gears and social media icons. (media, brain, network, blog, …