Butterfly Charm Jewelry

Modern, elegant, and contemporary butterfly logo. Our design features beautifully stylized curving and looping wings with a swirl diamond design with a diamond charm in the center of the body …

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Beauty Charms Floral Flower Makeup – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Modern, elegant, and minimal flower makeup logo. Flower blossom with a makeup brush blooming from the middle of the flower. Simple line art-style logo design creates a minimal …

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Monkey Charm

Fun, cute and charming winking money face logo design. The monkey is designed in an stylized sketch style. A simple leaf wreath frames the monkey. The monkey’s bow tie is …


Pet Adoption

Simplist yet bold logo design of a curled up cute dog. The dog is covered with heart shape spots. (Dog, animal, horse, pet, cat, kitten, puppy, friendship, shelter, boy, girl, …

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Flower Lady

Beautiful side profile of a young woman, with pretty little flowers buttons holding her hair. (style, flower, womanly, woman, hair, fashion, model, portrait, girl, rose, glamour, human, attractive, luxurious, caucasian, …