Blue Ribbon

Happy and bold logo design of a bull dog wearing a graduation cap and a blue ribbon and metal around the dog’s neck. (wisdom, ceremony, alumni, mammal, achievement, academy, professor, …

Logo Sold

Pawsy Pet Care

Cute adorable pet logo design featuring three stylized animals, two cats and a dog. The middle cat is created within the whitespace with the dog optioned in the front, creating …


Puppy Sitting

Cute adorable logo of three stylized puppies/dog faces (care, animal clinic, dog, cat, heart, hospital, kitten, love, pet, pets, puppy, therapy, vet, care nurture, veterinary, pooch, mutt, service, shelter, bulldog, …

Logo Sold

Peacock Veterinary Care

Unique logo design that creates a beautiful stylized peacock within the peacock feather paw print. (care, animal cat, clinic, dog, heart, hospital, kitten, love, pet, pets, therapy, vet, nurture, veterinary, …