Einstein Academy

Sophisticated monument logo design of Albert Einstein, featuring a stylized statue design of Einstein’s head carved on a pillar column. (Einstein, Albert Einstein, bronze, sculpture, famous, professor, albert, teacher, physicist, …


Premier Screen Awards

strong and powerful woman figure reaching upwards to catch a shooting star. (woman, movie, premier, grace, beauty, lady, elegance, sophisticated, stars, statue, bronze, award, achievement, champion, figure, silhouette, pose, reaching, …


Jump Point Horse

Abstract representation of a horse creating with a mosaic pattern and intersecting drafting lines. (jump, equestrian, speed, mosaic, stallion, abstract, motion, mustang, horse, mammal, bronze, prance, symbol, active, farm, riding, …

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Swan Beauty

Beautiful and elegant swan bird design. The form and shape of the swan is stylized and graceful. The design is created to look almost three dimensional in its form. (swan, …

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