Cake Shop Tool

Baking tools such as a whisk, rolling pin, spoon, stand mixer, measuring cup and brush are used to create and decorate the three tier Cake. (pastry, icing, cooking, bakery, restaurant, …

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Guidance Compass Sun

Bold, modern & abstract design of a compass and sun combined together. The design is created with geometrical shapes with directional arrows contained within the white space. (compass, gold, star, …

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Sunflower Organic Farm

A beautiful bursting sunflower is created within the farm barn. (petal, blossoming, natural, vibrant, green, yellow, leaf, bright, sunny, sunflower, summer, blossom, sun, gardening, season, flora, stem, decorative, seed, garden, …

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Modern and elegant design interpretation of a pomegranate. Cross section with a beautiful floral pattern contained within the center. (food, vegetarian, ripe, natural, delicious, agriculture, sweet, red, diet, organic, leaf, …


Aroma Cafe Shop

Bold & abstract interpretation of a hot beverage steam. The concept of different aromas are represented by the three different bold colors that make up the steam swirls. (swirl, colorful, …


Magnetic Connections

Bold, colourful and simple logo that that incorporates geometric style hearts. The hearts are positioned so that the letter m shape is created within the white space of the heart …