Selena Rose Cactus

modern and elegance logo design of a stylized cactus and roses. (cactus, flower, rose, flower, prickly, exotic, Mexico, florist, summer, pink, organic, summer, photography, boutique, wedding, vintage, floral, leaves, leaf, …

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Watercolour Bird

Beautiful abstract design of a bird perched on a branch (bird, retro, sketch, feather, art, wild, decoration, natural, soulful, drawing, cute, illustration, artwork, texture, design, hand-drawn, beauty, elegance, vintage, inspiration, …


Naturally You Dress

Unique logo design featuring a beautiful dress that crafted from various abstract floral petals. (dress, gown, fashion, peddles, outfit, hanger, high fashion, runway, closet, designer, floral, natural, organic, boutique, whimsical, …


Chi Garden Cupcake

Fresh & natural design of a cupcake with a flower on top. (cake, design, baked, shop, chef, cook, cupcake, ornament, brown, premium, cake, decorative, bakery, cream, quality, classic, pastry, art, …

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Vintage Antique Telephone

This vintage antique telephone logo design is retro and modern. (print, printed, floral, young, vintage, rose, fresh, old, modern, hip, retro, girly, woman, antique, boutique, pattern, leaf, organic, telephone, phone, …


Royal Closet Organization

Simple styalish clothing dresser. The top of the dresser is created to look like a natural flourishing crown. (dresser, decoration, decor, old, victorian, wood, front, furniture, retro, old-fashioned, design, keyhole, …


Vintage Handbag

Unique vintage style fashion handbag design. The handbag is designed with a flower petals that overlap to create the impression of the handbag (handbag, bag, fabric, clothing, pouch, glamour, old, …


The Scented Skunk

This modern vintage logo design is fun and retro. The strip of the skunk is created using a floral pattern. (skunk, baby skunk, young animal, black, striped, cute, nature, wildlife, …

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