Chimp POS

Point of Sales logo that uniquely combines a monkey’s face with a point of sales receipt that’s being printed out from the mouth of the monkey. Digital pixels extend from …

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Oink Piggy POS

This little piggy bank went to the market. The money slot on the piggy bank is transformed into a POS register, with a printed recipe emerging from the coin slot. …

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Transact POS

Smart phone device/tablet with a printing recipe emerging from the tablet. The design represents smart technology solutions used for point of sales. (pos, nfs, near field communications, payment, point, sales, …

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Law Book Column

Simple design of a column podium with an open book resting on top of the column. (column, pillar, greek, roman, podium, museum, stone,rome, ancient, culture, bank, law, capital, business, architectural, …

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