Guardian Key Lion

Bold and strong logo design featuring a stylized lion animal figure standing tall and proud holding a key. The design of the lion is distinctive with the lion divided into …

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Esteemed Real Estate

Elegant, sophisticated and professional real estate development logo design that combines a commercial building and residential home real estate together to create this compact luxury real estate logo design. Simple …

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Moola Payments

Modern and bold cow character mascot logo design with a dollar sign placed behind one of the cow’s eyes to represent money or moola. The dollar sign can also be …


Lion Bridge

Lion statue displaying it’s strength, power and confident nature. The lion is positioned on top of a simple stylized Bridge, which represents the concept of bridging the gap. This logo …


Chimp POS

Point of Sales logo that uniquely combines a monkey’s face with a point of sales receipt that’s being printed out from the mouth of the monkey. Digital pixels extend from …


Unified POS System

Scattered overlapping dots create a unique pattern, which represent processing and flow of information. (pattern, dotted, dot, twirl, sphere, vortex, shape, artistic, tunnel, abstract, ornamental, whirl, ellipse, ball, circle, spotted, …


Oink Piggy POS

This little piggy bank went to the market. The money slot on the piggy bank is transformed into a POS register, with a printed recipe emerging from the coin slot. …


Transact POS

Smart phone device/tablet with a printing recipe emerging from the tablet. The design represents smart technology solutions used for point of sales. (pos, nfs, near field communications, payment, point, sales, …

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Griffin Legal Council

Lion statue with wings displaying it’s strength, power and confident nature. The griffin is positioned on top of a simple stylized key, which represents the opening and closing powers of …

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