Stretch Baby Giraffe

Cute adorable giraffe logo. The logo is designed to resemble a giraffe balloon animal. Cute balloon hearts are added around the company name. (balloon, giraffe, shape, party, happy, birthday, cartoon, …


Mazing Events

Clean and modern abstract globe logo design created with three bold colorful ribbons of color that create the impression of a circular balloon design in the formation of the letter …



Bold and colorful speech bubble designed to look like an open eye. Simple diagonal lines are added over the speech bubble and through the eye to represent the movement of …


Abstract Liquid Chat

Modern 3D stylized chat bubble design. (3D, clear, glass, transparent, chatting, chat, icon, talk, speech, speak, ,app, balloon, cloud, think, message, bubble, communication, blue) Created: 12/12/2011

Logo Sold

Up’n Away

Cute and fun logo design of a pencil, globe and apple that are designed to resemble a bunch of balloons. (learn, school, learning center, tutoring, publishing, library, reading, read, writing, …

Logo Sold

Chat Box

Clean modern design representing chatting and communication with overlapping communication chat boxes placed over each other creating a transparent effect. (speech, design, abstract, talking, box, icon, chatting, chat, balloon, bubble, …


Up and Away Hot Air Balloon

Simply and unique design of a hot air balloon that’s created using a variety of different coloured books with a few of the books flying away. (balloon, air, fly, outdoor, …