Ying Yang

Bright and unique yin yang logo design with the yin yang shape created with bright and colourful natural leaf shapes. The leaves are arranged to create the bold contract of …

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Grand Daisy

A beautiful flower woman figure emerging from within a garden. The woman’s figure is created with natural vines that flow seamlessly to creative the impression of the woman’s figure. Her …

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Vanilla Bean

Prestigious, upscale and modern design of vanilla bean pods with a simple vanilla flower bloom placed on top of the pods to add subtle color to the design. (vanilla, flower, …

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Lune Tree

Beautiful, elegant logo design featuring a stylized tree emerging from a moon shape hill. The tree is adorn with a variety of flowers, fruits and herbs. Hints of soft colorful …

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Vanilla Orchid

The orchid branch is designed to resemble a vanilla pod designed in a circular shape. (vanilla, flower, bean, pod, stick, white, orchid, aroma, natural, spice, delicious, dessert, sweet, organic, flavor, …

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