Bakester Owl

Cute little baker owl bird perched on a rolling pin. The little baker owl is wearing a baker’s chef hat with a colorful pattern created with various sweets and elements …

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Contessa’s Sweets Bakery

Beautiful sassy woman baker wearing a cute polka dot apron and wearing a pair of tall high heels. The young baker lady hair is transformed to look like a delicious …

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Cupcake Stack

Sweet whimsical logo design that contains three stacked cupcakes that resemble a three tier cake. (catering, bake, bakery, cake, celebrate, chocolate, colourful, cook, cooking, decorate, decoration, delicious, dessert, eat, dish, …

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Full Bloom

Logo design that creatively combines a tree and a three tier cake together to create this unique eye catching design. The tree branches are incorporated into the cake as if …

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Cake Garden

Beautiful elegant logo design featuring stacked terracotta clay pots that create the cake tiers with beautiful simple garden flowers that are used to decorate the cake in the garden theme. …

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