Caduceus Research

Clean, simple and modern logo design representation of the medical Caduceus. Bold geometrical cursing shapes overlap each other to create the impression of the curing snake around the staff. (medical, …

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Blood Drop

Modern interpretation of a single drop of blood that is created with two encompassing hands. (aid, arms, blood, care, charity, clinic, concept, donate, donation, drop, fingers, fluid, hands, health, healthy, …

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Animal Hospital

our cute a cats/dogs are positioned in a circular shape. The shapes of the animals ears and the position create a medical cross within the white space of the design. …

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Medical Source

Clean and modern design that features four puzzle pieces that are connected together. The space in the centre created by the connecting puzzle piece people creates a medial cross symbol. …

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Encompass Healing

Natural, holistic and healing logo representing the Caduceus with a stylized & natural feel. (caduceus, medical, aesculapius, pharmaceutical, aid, wellness, practitioner, sign, symbol, insurance, hermes, traditional, medicine, health care, insignia, …

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