Plenum Global

Modern and simplistic moon and globe logo. A modern crescent moon is designed within the globe stand. Simple stars flow around the crescent moon. (Globe, world, terrestrial, history, compass, base, …


Guardian Key Lion

Bold and strong logo design featuring a stylized lion animal figure standing tall and proud holding a key. The design of the lion is distinctive with the lion divided into …

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Esteemed Real Estate

Elegant, sophisticated and professional real estate development logo design that combines a commercial building and residential home real estate together to create this compact luxury real estate logo design. Simple …

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Lion Bridge

Lion statue displaying it’s strength, power and confident nature. The lion is positioned on top of a simple stylized Bridge, which represents the concept of bridging the gap. This logo …


Griffin Legal Council

Lion statue with wings displaying it’s strength, power and confident nature. The griffin is positioned on top of a simple stylized key, which represents the opening and closing powers of …

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Real Estate Home

This is a Modern abstract design. A home outline is created within the white space of this real estate logo design. (home, real estate, agency, agent, community, network, retirement home, …


Tulip Town

Stylized houses designed to look like growing tulip flowers with homes hidden in the white space between the flowers (house, home, real estate, condo, apartments, real estate, agency, town home, …


Wood Tree Homes

Tall arborvitae trees are arraigned together to create a house shape within the white space of the logo (tree, cypress, evergreen, cedar, coniferous, green, foliage, tall, tree, garden, forest, pine …