Sweet Fig Fruit Tree Farm Logo For Sale

Natural and whimsical fruit logo design featuring a stylized and conceptual design of a fig fruit. The fig logo is shaped in a clean rustic outline with a beautiful stylized tree growing from within the fig logo. The leaves of the growing tree also represent the fig seeds. Two natural bold fig leaves are added to the top of the fig logo to add a pop of green and natural look to this healthy fruit style logo. (fig, tree, vegetarian, soil, meal, ripe, grow, growing agriculture, green, dessert, sweet, diet, organic, leaf, crop, prolific, vegetable, season, illustration, purple, healthy, vitamin, garden, plant, cuisine, trunk, fruit, beautiful, fresh, nature, land, ground, food, expand, product, raw, farm, farmers market, slice, natural, vibrant, delicious, seed, ingredient, exotic, juicy, eating, freshness, music bar, branch, branches, foliage)

Created: 10/28/2016