Devine Universe Goddess Space Within Beauty Logo For Sale

Holistic and spiritual goddess beauty logo featuring a stylized goddess woman figure wearing a crown with her arms raised above her head creating an opening into the universe galaxy. The goddess woman emerges from a natural blue Lotus flower. The design represents self exploration, a sense of purity, growth and spiritual enlightenment. (Aphrodite, woman, women, god, goddess, sexy, mystic, greek, fantasy, water, ancient, beauty, beautiful, female, form, girl, lady, gorgeous, graceful, legend, myth, ocean, overcast, sky, wind, Venus, night, midnight, dark, evening, moon, crescent, aura, crown, blue, royal, hierarchy, circle, crest, emblem, Athens, face, portrait, sleep, calm, enchanting, spa, salon, space, universe, galaxy, lotus, bloom, blossom, botanical, grow, divine, divinity, twinkle, stars, constellations, zodiac, horoscopes, modern, sophisticated, luxury, classy, elegant, beautiful, aura, up reach, meditate, spiritually, tranquil, mediation, worship)

Created: 03/02/2018