Floral Rose Beauty Woman Shabby Chic Fashion Boutique Logo For Sale

Floral rose beauty woman shabby chic fashion boutique logo. The Logo features a beautiful woman’s face, her hair is adorn with beautiful roses and flowing green leaves and vines flow down her face to represent the woman’s hair. Black modern stripes are added to create a modern and upscale vintage look. Soft blush pinks and sage green leaves add a touch of colour to this beautiful woman beauty logo.(beauty, beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, sexy, attractive, pretty, feminine, woman, girl, young, youth, modern, vintage, chic, roses, rose, leaves, face, stripe, victorian, cosmetic, boutique, clothing, makeup, artist, bouquet, black and white, lips, profile, floral, peddles, vines. statue, model, elegant, sophisticated, demure, upscale, prim, natural, fresh, organic, florist, flower shop, wedding, bride, fashion, bridesmaid, romantic, arrangement, decorative, plant, event)

Created: 04/14/2018