Crab Tree Ocean Seaside Skin Care Logo For Sale

Beauty, luxury and style is captured in this elegant unique crab and tree design combination. A stylized design of an ocean crab is depicted in the design and styled to create a unique tree design. To capture the ambience and feeling of the ocean scene, we’ve selected teals and lavender shapes to visually represent the ocean waters and colours of shimmering seashells. The text is layout is clean and balanced, creating a compact and bold design. (crab, illustration, vintage, cancer crab, sea, seaside, seafood, animal, crest, emblem, fish, ocean, oceanic, shellfish, tree stylized, artistic, beauty, beautiful skincare, lavender, teal, aqua, classy, luxury, elegant, spa, salon, trunk, branches, gradient, modern, sophisticated)

Created: 01/22/2018