Elegant Botanical Garden River and Moutain Hourglass Logo For Sale LogoMood.com

Elegance and beauty are captured in our modern interpretation of an hourglass logo design. The design features a simple hourglass shape design with moon and stars depicted in the upper portion of the hourglass. Water is cascading over the crescent moon and flows down to the bottom portion of the hourglass.  Beautiful hand-drawn botanical floral are growing and blooming to create the shape of the hourglass. The bottom portion of the hourglass depicts a mountain landscape and a calm river stream that flows through the mountain landscape. (natural, cycle, circle, hourglass, sand, time, circle of life, holistic, healing, spiritual, elements, earth, earth’s elements, moon, crescent moon, stars, universe, mountain, leaf, leaves, yoga, remedy, remedies, mother nature, line art, line drawn, line-art, simple, minimal, minimalistic, waterfall, botanical, flowers, bloom, river, steam, sand, time)

Created: 04/02/2021