Royal Crown Pizza Company Logo Design For Sale

Clean and simple gourmet pizza business logo design. The design features a sophisticated and elegant slice of pizza that’s created with clean lines. On the top of the pizza design is a beautiful crown design that imparts the idea of royalty. This design will add style and character to any pizza business. (Italian, food, diner, oven, meal, prepared, baked, pepperoni, restaurant, mozzarella, sauce, homemade, pizza, tasty, tomato, cooked, serve, wood fired, gourmet, pie, toppings, artisan, rustic, pizzeria, dough, crust, slice, mushroom, olive, dining, diner, savour, lunch, cheese, pizzas, pastry, basil, baking, baked, pan, oven, hot, delicious, eat, cuisine, delivery, fast food, eatery, lines, line, royal, royalty, majestic, queen, king, prince, princess, gold, golden, lux, luxury, glamour)

Created: 11/02/2015