Natural Countryside Cow Business Logo For Sale

Natural cow logo design, created within a circle shape. This farm theme logo is created in a stylized line drawn style, which features a grazing cow on the horizon with a bright shinning golden sun arched above the countryside landscape. The entire design projects a natural, organic feel though the use of the colors and the design technique. (cow, beef, meat, icon,butcher, shop,market, symbol, farm, supermarket, drawing, premium, illustration, quality, bull, vintage, sticker, silhouette, food, natural, organic, restaurant, farming, retro, cattle, steak, store, menu, fresh, animal, pork, product, butchery, leaf, leaves, vine, moo, wheat, calf, milk, dairy, heifer, cattle, calves, farmer, bull, steer, livestock, country, countryside, agriculture, grass, grazing, farmyard, nature, horns, heart, doodle, sketch, artsy, hillside, sun, sunshine, sunny, bright, rays, valley, crest, emblem, circle, modern, fresh)

Created: 02/01/2016