Woman Beauty Acupuncture Medical Holistic Logo For Sale

Beautiful stylized woman figure with her arms raised above her head in a spiritual holistic natural pose. Beautiful wings are incorporated to the design to create a mystical and magical look. The wings are adorn with a swirling, elegant pattern that creates an elegant appeal to the logo design. The woman’s head, arms and body also have the swirling design placed on them as well. The legs of the woman could also represent an acupuncture needle. (magic, magical, wing, women, flying, pattern, girl, art, mystery, sparkle, mysterious, pose, legend, mythology, imaginary, people, person, female, elegant, fantasy, illustration, folklore, fairytale, ornamental, youth, young, design, body, shape, person, imagination, beauty, elf, hair, ethereal, myth, beautiful, fairy, silhouette, butterfly, goddess, thin, figure, slender, acupuncture, wellness, holistic, natural, attractive, medical, stimulation, profession, Chinese, wellness, clinic, luxury, medicinal, treatment, traditional, medicine, therapy, rest, lifestyle, healthy, heal, care, center, body, needle, relax, acupuncturist, beauty, alternative, salon, spa, tranquil, uplift, uplifted, spiritual, rejuvenation, sophisticated, pastel, airy, soft, modern)

Created: 10/17/2016