Prism Herbal Natural Remedies Logo For Sale

Unique, modern and stylish natural herbal prism remedies logo design featuring a prism shape with a organic natural herbal leaf plant designed within the center of the prism shape. The design of the plant could represent medicate medicinal marijuana cannabis.(Leaf, marijuana, addiction, agriculture, alternative medicine, bud, cancer, cannabis, culture, doctor, drug, leaf, leaves, ganja, health, healthcare, legalize, medical, medicine, narcotic, natural, nature, plant, pot, recreational, sativa, smoke, weed, relief, wellbeing, treatment, holistic, natural care, therapy, healing, nurture, spiritual, green, intricate, detailed, modern, elegant, green leaf, ganja, modern, unique, distinctive, lotus, blossom, prism, elegant, sophisticated, classy)

Created: 04/10/2018