Pizza Village Pizzeria Logo For Sale

Quaint Italian country villa setting with the rolling hills in the foreground created to looking like pizza pies. A natural and traditional titian style tuscany home perched atop the pizza hills with unique styled trees framing the house. (Italian, food, diner, oven, meal, prepared, baked, pepperoni, restaurant, mozzarella, sauce, homemade, pizza, tasty, tomato, cooked, serve, wood fired, gourmet, pie, toppings, artisan, rustic, pizzeria, dough, crust, slice, mushroom, olive, dining, diner, savour, lunch, cheese, pizzas, pastry, basil, baking, baked, hot, delicious, eat, cuisine, delivery, fast food, eatery, round, funky, hip, authentic, old fashion, deep dish, ingredients, fresh, veggies, vegetables, dietary, vintage, stylized, view, vineyard, hill, landmarks, villa, winery, italy, field, culture, tuscan, milan, farm, wine, countryside, illustration, toscana, house, scene, milano, nature, harvest, food, europe, tuscany, landscape, real estate, estate, property, dwelling, rustic, line)

Created: 04/14/2016