Plantation Tea Cup Company Logo For Sale

Sophisticated tea cup and blossoming flower combination with an elegant floral design incorporated into a tea cup. Flourishing leaves complete the bottom of the cup design. (rose, tea, cafe, cup, cafeteria, classic, wallpaper, floral, aroma, drink, elements, graphic, freshly, morning, illustration, decorative, retro, english, brewed, artistic, vintage, style, fresh, seamless, beverage, java, coffee, flower, bouquet, wedding, mug, earl grey, brewing, tea leaves, leaves, leaf, blossom, teal, ornate, green tea, tasty, natural, organic, drink, chintz, roses, garden, plantation, grow, grown, fancy, sophisticated, elegant, delicate, girly, saucer, restaurant, drinking, herbal, remedy)

Created: 11/13/2015