Pisces Beauty Mermaids Company Logo For Sale

Unique mermaid logo design featuring two beautifully stylized female mermaids that are designed to create two sides of a heart shape. The Mermaids are also unique interpretation of the symbolic representation of the zodiac pisces symbol. (stylized, two, earth, tattoo, symbol, symbolic, astrology, mythology, zodiac, horoscope, emblem, style, sea, beautiful, zodiacal, silhouette, fish, pattern, pisces, mermaid, tale, stencil, art, retro, water, slim, travel, adult, magic, swimming, traditional, female, wave, illustration, tide, body, imagination, hair, elegance, sea, silhouette, grace, fairy, art nouveau, profile, human, mystery, tail, fin, culture, curve, serene, revival, fantasy, young, spiral, long, beauty, nature, animal, aqua, ocean, oceanic, star, heart, love, sexy, sex, stylized, aquatic, creature, goddess, transform, transformation, spa, mammals, caribbean, resort, travel, vacation, destination, island, swim, swimming, empower, empowering)

Created: 12/28/2015