Italian Pizza Flag Business Logo For Sale

Unique, bold and colorful pizza themed logo design. The pizza imagery and pizza toppings are designed to create a Italian waving flag. The flag is divided into the three different color sections representing three different pizzas with various toppings. (Italian, food, diner, oven, meal, prepared, baked, pepperoni, restaurant, mozzarella, sauce, homemade, pizza, tasty, tomato, cooked, serve, wood fired, gourmet, pie, toppings, artisan, rustic, pizzeria, dough, crust, slice, mushroom, olive, dining, diner, savour, lunch, cheese, pizzas, pastry, basil, baking, baked, hot, delicious, eat, cuisine, delivery, fast food, eatery, round, funky, hip, authentic, old fashion, deep dish, ingredients, fresh, veggies, vegetables, dietary, flag, waving, state, national, travel, italy, red, european, nation, patriotism, patriot, nationality, international)

Created: 04/14/2016