Beautiful Mermaid Oceanic Logo For Sale

Whimsical mermaid logo design featuring a stylized beautiful mermaid woman designed with flowing lines that create this artistic mermaid beauty. The mermaid’s fin is designed in a stylized and unique swirling design to create a unique look. The mermaid’s hair is adorn with ocean star fish that add a touch of sparkle to the logo. (mermaid, tail, pose, swimming, mythology, underwater, female, wavy, illustration, figure, girl, face, design, naiad, marine, hair, elegance, sea, grace, fairy, fish, human, curve, cute, fantasy, women, young, flipper, person, long, beauty, sensuality, beautiful, tale, fin, water, aqua, figure, hair, spa, salon, airy, pastel, elegant, ariel, goddess, bubbles, ocean, oceanic, seaside, aquatic, marine, creature, beautiful, sophisticated, classy, swim, swimming, slim, thin, body, bath, bathing, relaxation, relax, flowing, magical, style, wavy, wave, waves, fairy tale, swimwear, water, starfish)

Created: 11/23/2017