Pet Dental Care Animal Tooth Cleaning Dentistry Logo For Sale

Unique, distinctive and creative pet dental care logo design featuring a cute simple dog designed in the shape of a dental molar tooth. A little tail is added to the side of the tooth with the dog’s head looking at it’s tail. Little heart shapes are added to the dog’s body to represent the dog’s spots. This is a cute and modern dog dental care logo that will make your dental practice standout and set your dog dental practice apart. (tooth, dentist, dental, dent, dentistry, smile, healthy, care, enamel, clean, concept, unique, creative, doctor, heath, healthcare, hygiene, medical, oral, dog, exam, animal, pet, canine, clinic, cute, domestic, inspection, pedigree, professional, puppy, purred, terrier, molar, vet, veterinary, veterinarian)

Created: 09/07/2018