Ocean Mermaid Business Logo For Sale

Beautiful illustrative mermaid woman logo design with the mermaid lady sitting on the bottom of the ocean sea floor in a natural setting. Aqua teal colors and purple shades are used create a mythical and magical ambience. Beautiful aquatic mermaid logo with a natural flowing fin and hair. Blue oceanic colors are used to represent the ocean sea. (mermaid, tail, pose, swimming, mythology, underwater, female, wavy, illustration, figure, girl, face, design, naiad, marine, hair, elegance, sea, grace, fairy, fish, human, curve, cute, fantasy, women, young, flipper, person, long, beauty, sensuality, beautiful, tale, fin, water, aqua, figure, hair, spa, salon, airy, pastel, elegant, ariel, goddess, bubbles, ocean, oceanic, seaside, aquatic, marine, creature, beautiful, sophisticated, classy, swim, swimming, slim, thin, body, bath, bathing, relaxation, relax, flowing, magical, style, wavy, wave, waves, fairy tale, swimwear)

Created: 03/15/2016