Naturally Whole Organic Natural Doughnuts Logo For Sale

Unique, rustic and organic style doughnut logo design featuring a doughnut shape designed with natural flowing leaves and vines to represent a natural vegan organic look. The company name is placed beautifully around the circular doughnut design creating clean compact look. (cafe, donut, donuts, doughnut, doughnuts, round, breakfast, bun, bagel, chocolate, dipped, decorated, food, fresh food, bakery, bake, dessert, glazed, hand drawn, hole, menu, nutritional, nutrition, pastry, vintage, vegan, heath, diet, organic, sprinkles, sweet, sugar, restaurant, coffee shop, recipe, blog, food blog, leaves, leaf, vine, natural, brown, crest, modern, stylized, unique, creative, baked, dough, tasty, indulgent, flavour, delicious, cookie, green, round, patisserie, sticky)

Created: 02/27/2018