Majestic Tree Roots Woman Beauty Logo For Sale

Unique and distinctive tree woman logo design, with the woman’s lower body designed with stylized natural tree roots, repressing the woman’s dress/gown. The woman’s upper body emerges from the growing tree roots and leaves with her arm reaching upward to the sky holding a whimsical heart shape element in her hand. The natural heart symbolizes love and passion for nature. The design also represents the concept of mother nature. (tree, roots, woman, human, surreal, symbolic, natural, ecology, illustration, branches, trunk, silhouette, nature, environment, ecological, person, people, fancy, elegant, sophisticated, classy, modern, stylish, divine, beauty, beautiful, sexy, body, figure, thin, slim, slender, physic, natural, mother nature, worship, wellness, joy, outdoor, life, god, spiritual, freedom, awake, open, faith, heaven, emotion, oneness, alive, carefree, raised, health, prayer, live, triumph, spring, pray, arms, happiness, growth, leaves, nature, mythical, goddess, queen, royal, love, heart, reach, up-reach)

Created: 08/29/2017