Hawaiian Tiger Hibiscus Flower Logo For Sale

Bold and striking tiger logo design. The logo features the side profile view of an orange tiger. The tiger’s stripes create the natural vines with leaves growing around the tiger, which creates a camouflage appearance, as if the tiger is blending into it’s natural environment. A large blue tropical hawaiian flower is added to the tiger’s head to intensify the Hawaiian tropical theme. (tiger, decoration, charming, natural, tropical, floral, aloha, flower, beast, leaf, botanical, creature, blossom, modern, illustration, artwork, design, bouquet, hawaiian, powerful, lovely, plants, tahiti, silhouette, wild, pretty, hibiscus, hawaii, stunning, animal, wildlife, jungle, vines, garden, spa, resort, natural, habitat, lion, organic, creature, cougar, jaguar, beauty, beautiful, fierce, feline, feminine)

Created: 11/24/2016