Made With Love Whimsical flying hand bird logo for sale

Modern Stylized Whimsical bird logo design. The formation of the bird imagery uniquely incorporates a artist hand shape to create this beautiful bird logo design. The style of this logo is a shabby chic bohemian style that adds personality and gives this logo a very unique and creative appearance.(shabby, chic, bohemian, style, girly, pink, artistic, stylized, style, vintage, elegant, flying, hand, nature, retro, sparrow, bird, hand-made, with love, love, heart, crafts, made, lovely, arts, day, shop, store, retail store, craftsman, boutique, hobby, workshop, work, hobby, soar, charity, foundation, not for profit, airy, modern, elegant, sophisticated, classy, gesture, peacock, children, youthful, pink, pastel, soft, dove, animal, birdie)

Created: 02/26/2018