Luminous Dental Tooth Northern Lights Dental Practice Logo For Sale

Illuminating dental tooth logo design inspired by the beauty and style of the northern lights the aurora polaris. The dental tooth shape and look is styled to look like muliple colors of blue, purple, teal and green glowing rays of light that shines and illuminates brightly. (aurora, colorful, sky, astronomy, aurora boreal, aurora borealis, lights, multicolor, north America, northern lights, twilight, vibrant, teal, blue, green, illustration, glow, modern, unique, distinctive, tooth, abstract, aesthetic, beauty, colorful, artistic, art, care, clean, clinic, dental, dentist, dentist, design, doctor, elegant, health, healthcare, heathy, hygiene, line, flowing, streamers, flow, medic, medical, medicine, oral, professional, smile, stylized, whitening, script, elegant, unique)

Created: 05/03/2019